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Comment From A Mom:
Our experience with Deborah from beginning to end was amazing and wonderful. Especially when it came to the birthing process. She was perfect in every word she said to help me let go of the pain between contractions as well as in helping me get through them. I feel so blessed to have had her as our Midwife. And so Thankful she helped us bring our baby boy into this world! I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again!
C & A

Comment From A Mom:
We are very grateful for all your care for us especially for your help in bringing M to this world!!
With Fondness,
K & J

Comment From A Mom:
Thank you very much for your support during our pregnancy & birth. Your passion and trust in the “normal” yet miraculous birth process is contagious!
All our Love,
R & E

Comment From A Mom:
I can’t begin to thank you as much as I would like. You were so much help & do your job so well.
Thank you so much,
C & T

Comment From A Grandmother:
Thank you for all you did to make M’s birth so wonderful. You touched the hand of our daughter and the heart of our family.
God Bless you,
L & M

Comment From A Dad:
Thank you so much for your help. You made us confident that the home birth was OK. And since things turned out they did your help was invaluable. R & A
[Unplanned, unassisted, precipitous birth of 36 week TWINS followed with immediate transport to planned birth place by EMS team.]

Comment From A Mom:
Thank you so much! Having you with me definitely helped to make my experience the best! You’re going to be an awesome midwife!
Thanks again!
M & I

Comment From A Dad:

Deborah performed services as a Doula for us the Spring and Summer of 2002 when we were pregnant with our daughter Zoe Sage. We sourced Deborah through and feel lucky and privileged to have connected with her. Deborah worked closely and lovingly with us from the second trimester through the childbirth expereince and on 2 months or so after childbirth. We still consider her an extended family member and an angel in human form!
Deborah helped us to approach and achieve a 100% natural VBAC which was against wishes of our OBGYN. Our OBGYN had gone so far as to schedule us for a C-section surgery on a specific birthdate because (1) she was going on vacation, and (2) our first child, Tyler, was delivered by C-section at a large and prestigious hospital. The western medical field had been pushing C-sections especially for those women who had them previously. We were against this and knew that there was a way to have a natural childbirth but we needed an expert to support our view with a plan.

Deborah was that expert and from our first call to her she provided us with loving, nurturing and supportive factual information about doulas, midwifery and all types of childbirthing practices. She provided literature, reference web sites, books and videos. She also told stories in a sort of shamanic way. At one point we cried upon realizing how simple and glorious natural childbirth can be.

Deborah embraced our family, our needs and very importantly she gently corrected any misconceptions or negatives we heldover from our first traumatic C-section birthing experience. She provided us with a balanced, holistic view that allowed us to embrace both the old-world natural approach to childbirth and the modern western practice. Deborah was healthy for us in many ways.

Deborah helped us to develop a practical birth plan, mentored us in what to expect, what our legal rights were and how to interact and request facets of our plan with our hospital birth team nurses, administrators and doctors. She balanced emotional needs with medical realities. She was 100% present and knowledgeable about every step of the way in the hospital room, so much so that the attending birth doctor did not feel the need to be present much. Deborah worked closely with our attending nurse and we feel that Deborah even eased her mind. Deborah had so gently positioned us in such control at the time of birth that our son who was about 3 years old at the time watched comfortably. Deborah had prepared him so well for the moment a month of so prior that he simply smiled and said, “yep, there’s a baby,” when our daughter crowned. We feel that her enabling our son to be part of the birth experience has strengthened our overall family dynamic. Deborah even took pictures as I sat with my son and watched in awe and joy as my wife birthed a healthy baby girl without an ounce of chemical aid.

Deborah continued to work with us post-natal with a breast feeding complication that she and a colleague of hers directed us through once again with accurate information and support every step of the way.

We know now that our son did not have to be born by C-section and had we been working with a midwife or doula, we could have had a natural childbirth at home or in the hospital. We are healthier, happier and more complete having known and worked with Deborah.

Furthermore, we believe that midwives and doulas are important to society/community and everyone should have access to information about them and access to them if desired. Deborah is a stellar example of an almost lost but very necessary art and practice that directly supports humanity. Natural birthing knowledge should be passed down from generation to generation and wonderful people like Deborah are working hard to keep the option present.

We whole-heartedly and highly recommend Deborah as either a doula or midwife.
Sincerely, P & M

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